Coast to Coast Mountain run

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Thank you to all sponsors and supporters of the Kathmandu Coast to Coast


Pre-race preparations 4

Important times – Mountain Run 4

Compulsory competitor gear 5

General notes 9

Registration, Greymouth 11

Aickens Corner 13

Mountain Run 30.5km 14

Klondyke Corner - Support crew 16

Lost Property 17

Plan B - Bad weather alternatives 18

Railway Lines & Crossing Safety 19


Competitors must read and understand the event rules – located on the website.

Competitors must understand the running stage – see description in this Handbook.

Download this Handbook prior to leaving for the race – make sure you have the latest version because it could be updated during the year.

Important times – Mountain Run


12pm Registration & Sponsor Expo open

Westland Recreation Centre, 83 High Street, Greymouth

4pm Registration closes

Westland Recreation Centre

5:30pm Kumara Community meal open Kumara Racecourse, Otira Highway, Kumara

Tickets $28.75 per person, purchase online


6am Bus departs Klondyke Corner for Aickens Corner (start area). This MUST BE PRE-BOOKED ONLINE.

6am Registration open

Aickens Corner (start area), Otira Highway, West Coast

7:45am Race briefing Aickens Corner 8am Race Start

Aickens Corner

2pm Cut-off at Doreen Creek

4pm Cut-off at Goat Pass

4:30pm Prizegiving for Mountain Run

Klondyke Corner, West Coast Road, Arthur’s Pass

7:30pm Cut-off at Klondyke Corner, course closes

7:30pm Day 1 video highlights

Klondyke Corner


8-9:30am Post-event breakfast

Addington Raceway, 75 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington

Tickets $27 per person, purchase online 10-11:30am P rizegiving

Addington Raceway

This prizegiving is specific to the multisport events but Mountain Runners are welcome to attend. 12pm M onteith’s post-event yarn

Morrell and Co. 280 Lincoln Road, Addington


Compulsory competitor gear

Use this checklist when packing for the event to ensure you have all the compulsory items.

This gear is the minimum requirement while competing. If you have a bad injury and need to remain in one place, especially in poor conditions, or for an extended period of time you will need ALL of these items.

Take into account your speed and the conditions when choosing gear. If you are aiming to be 3-4 hours through the mountain run your requirements may be different than if you are planning on taking 8+ hours. The lightest gear will not be as robust or as warm as some other options so choose based on your ability and if in doubt ask us!

For easy guidance we have also provided some items on a scale using the following recommendations:

1/ The lightest option for experienced and quickest competitors or use on a hot day / stable forecast. These options will leave you very uncomfortable in an emergency situation.

2/ A mid option, a little heavier, thicker or warmer, suitable for many competitors in a range of conditions.

3/ A heavier, versatile option for the competitor wanting extra comfort and /or not as concerned with their finishing time.

On race day there will be specialist support on course. During training, however, you need to be self-sufficient and your gear needs to be suitable for all conditions. Please note: Every year we see companies not associated with the event

KATHMANDU selling first aid kits or other items that do not meet all the requirements. COAST TO COAST It is your responsibility to check your gear to ensure it complies with event

rules. If in doubt contact [email protected]

Mountain run

Compulsory gear list

All gear must be correctly sized for the competitor. You can complete gear check at Kathmandu stores around the country. Checks open three weeks prior to the event. You can also complete the gear checks at event registration.

The compulsory gear clothing is in addition to what is being worn by the competitor when entering the mountain run stage. We allow synthetic, natural or composite thermal products. Cotton is unacceptable. A compression garment is not a thermal garment. Competitors should experiment with what best suits their needs for the activities and level of exercise they engage in.

Long sleeve thermal base layer top

No specific weight requirement. This is your next to skin layer.





Long sleeved mid layer top

Fabric must have insulation properties i.e fleece or similar. Garment weight approx. 220gsm or greater.










Waterproof jacket with hood

Waterproof (Seam sealed and constructed of durable material) with hood.

Waterproof pants

Waterproof (Seam sealed and constructed of durable material).


Full length thermal base layer pants

No specific weight requirement. This is your next to skin layer.




Thermal gloves

No specific weight requirement.



Thermal hat or balaclava

No specific weight requirement.



Mountain run

Compulsory gear list

There will be a compulsory gear check at Goat Pass during the mountain run stage - gear may also be spot checked at any time

during the run or at the finish.

Running shoes

The run is rocky and you will cross the river numerous times. Choose a shoe with lots of contact surface - soles with high knobs can be very slippery on the rocks. There are not many muddy areas. Good drainage is a must. Socks are highly recommended also.




Must be large enough to fit all compulsory gear and food. – recommended volume 12L+

– recommend putting clothing into Ziploc bags to keep dry

– do not vacuum pack it, there is a gear check at Goat Pass.




Drink bottles

Something to carry water on the run, bottle, bladder or cup.




Attached to outside of pack or bib.


Survival bag

Foil survival BAG – blankets are NOT accepted.


First aid kit

Minimum requirements: - 1.5m long (unstretched) roll of 5cm wide crepe bandage - 5m long roll of 2cm wide strapping tape

- 10 Band-Aid strips

- Triangular bandage

- Scissors

- 4 x pain relief tablets

(that can be used to treat pain in case of injury while help arrives - always follow the directions for taking medications). - Any competitor specific medication

(this must also be recorded in your entry form so race medical staff are aware of any potential conditions or issues).




Suggested items

Extra items

– Drinks

– Food– Cash

– Rubbish bags

– Toilet paper

– Cellphone & car charger

– Torch/headlamp

– Keep cup for coffee

– Water containers

– Sand-fly repellent

– Sunscreen

– Sun hat

- Towels

– Down jacket

– Rain jacket– Crew notes

General notes

One competitor bib and timing transponder will be provided per individual. Bibs must not be altered in any way and must be worn throughout the event and in the finish chute. The bib must be your outermost garment at all times (i.e. over the top of any thermals, jackets, etc.) Bibs can be worn under your running backpack, but you must attach the supplied number to the rear of your running pack so officials can see your number from behind.

Failure to clearly show your number when asked will lead to you being stopped until officials can accurately determine your bib number. Calling out the number is not sufficient; as a number of competitors call out the wrong number each year.

Competitors are not allowed any help from support crew, friends or family on the Mountain Run. If competitors have support crew, friends or family monitoring their own or another competitor’s behaviour they will be deemed to be assisting their competitor and their competitor will be disqualified.

Any competitor or support crew who wishes to make a complaint about another competitor must do so in writing to a race official within an hour of the complainant finishing. The Race Director’s decision regarding the complaint is final.

No responsibility is taken by the Race Director or sponsors for any loss of or damage to property of competitors, assistants, or friends during the Kathmandu Coast to Coast. Competitors and support crews should have their own personal property insurance.

Support crew must provide names and NZ cellphone numbers in case they or their competitor needs to be contacted in case of emergency during the event (required during entry process).

Officials are an important part of the Kathmandu Coast to Coast safety system. Instructions by officials to competitors and support crew must be followed. Failure to do so will result in heavy time penalties or disqualification.

Lost property will be available at Klondyke Corner on Friday, the New Brighton multisport finish line on Saturday and the multisport prizegiving at Addington Raceway on Sunday. Make sure all items are named and numbered.

Medical Services

SportsMed and ProMed will be available at every transition of the Kathmandu Coast to Coast for general medical support and emergency response. Providing specialist paramedic staff and equipment, they integrate with, and complement our mountain safety team.

Pre-race transport

There is a transport option from Klondyke Corner (finish area) to the start at Aickens Corner. Numbers are limited, you must book this service in advance, either through the entry system or by contacting us at [email protected]

Support Crew

You do not require support crew for the Mountain Run if you catch the pre-race transport (must be booked in advance), but you are welcome to bring a driver and as many supporters as you want to cheer you on.

The start at Aickens Corner has a long walk (about 1km) from the car park to the start area and is rough in places - support crew should wear sturdy footwear and may need a torch or headlight if arriving early.

Make sure you know where to go – if you are not familiar with the course and area please make sure that you have a good map of Canterbury and Christchurch and program the locations into your GPS or check out the locations prior to the race – remember to obey all officials instructions in terms of parking and so on at the different areas.

Ensure your competitor does not over-train. Keep a balance between training and family, social, and work relationships.

Try to remain cheerful. Remember that your competitor will become “possessed of the devil” during the event, totally irrational, and if things get really bad may even blame support crew for their mistakes. Humour them at the time – then make their lives pure hell while they’re recovering.

Be nice to officials. Many of them are volunteers, so a nice smile makes their day a lot happier.


Portable toilets for competitors, support crew and officials are located along the course at various venues. We try and position them to meet demand, but at times we’ll never have enough and you may have to queue.

The toilets are serviced to ensure they remain clean, fragrant and stocked, so at times will be unavailable. If you find that toilets need servicing or are short of supplies, please let the service staff know. Toilets do not have lighting, so if you’re using them at night, take a torch. While we endeavour to keep them stocked with toilet paper it is highly recommended you bring a back up supply!

Toilets are located at:

Kumara Racecourse - permanent toilets, adjacent to the kitchen.

Kumara Town - permanent toilets located at the rugby field.

Aickens Corner transition - portable toilets. You pass them on your left as you drive to the car park. There are also toilets in the car park. Please do not ‘go’ in the trees Aickens Corner transition competitors only – there is a toilet reserved for competitors only, located between the cycle finish and the timing point.

Klondyke corner - portable toilets located across the shingle road on the grass (south of the finish chute) as well as a permanent Department of Conservation toilet on the edge of the bush.

Klondyke Corner camping - portable toilets placed around the camping area, plus toilets on a trailer. The towable toilets will remain on site until the last Two Day competitor has departed for Mt White on Saturday.

Temporary Traffic Management

An extensive approved traffic management plan is in operation and is updated annually. A variety of signs are used along the course. Some that you need to know for parking areas are:

Site access 150m - entrance to a car park on your right, approximately 150m ahead, followed by ...

Site access - entrance to a car park on your right, approximately 75m ahead

No stopping or waiting even for just a minute! Do not park between the signs or on the road shoulder or grass verge behind the signs. 

Registration, Greymouth

Welcome to Greymouth, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand.


12-4pm Registration and Sponsor Expo open. Mountain Runners can also register from 6am Friday at the start area - Aickens corner.

Westland Recreation Centre, Greymouth.

Registration pack

During registration competitors will be provided with the following:

• Kathmandu race bag (doubles as the gear bag for the start line)

• Race bib

• Timing transponder

• Run number to be attached to the back of the backpack for the Mountain Run stage

• Kathmandu Coast to Coast t-shirt

• Meal tickets (if ordered)

• If a GPS tracker was ordered, collect it at registration

Compulsory checks

You can complete your compulsory gear checks at Kathmandu stores. These checks open 3 weeks before race dates. You can also do these checks at registration but avoid the queues and get them done prior to the race, if possible. Refer to the compulsory check lists for what will be checked. Make sure to bring any gear not pre-checked to registration with you.


SportsMed will tape/strap ankles at registration. No pre-bookings are taken. The price is $15 for one ankle or $20 for two ankles.


The Hands On Clinic Massage Team will work at Klondyke Corner on Friday and New Brighton on Saturday. Massages are $35 for 20 minutes (no double bookings). Bookings can be made by phoning (03) 366-0620 or 0800 INJURY from Monday 16 December.

Race Briefing

The Mountain Run race briefing will be held on Friday 7:45am at Aickens Corner (start area).

Meals at Kumara Racecouse

The Kumara Community offers a meal on Thursday from 5.30pm at the Kumara Racecourse, tickets are $28.75 per person and can be purchased online. Please support the community and their efforts. Limited on-the-day meal tickets will be available, make sure you bring cash. The meal will be served from 5.30pm until 7pm or when the meals run out. We highly recommend you purchase a meal ticket in advance.

Camping at Kumara Racecouse

Support crew and competitors can set up camp at the Kumara Racecourse (including Campervans). There are no powered sites. Pre-bookings can be made online up to 1 week in advance for $12.50 per person, after that $15 per person paid in cash on arrival to the Racecourse. This is a fundraising activity for the Kumara Racing Club.

Kumara Racecourse facilities

• Campsite

• Showers

• Water

• Toilets

• Camp kitchen

• Friendly neighbours

Aickens Corner


6am Registration open Aickens Corner

6:30am All vehicles must be through the road closure at Kumara Junction if using State Highway 73 from the West Coast.

7:45am Registration closes 7:45am Race briefing

Aickens Corner

8am Race start

Aickens Corner

If you are travelling from the West Coast you must have passed the multisport transition at Kumara Junction before 6:30am to avoid the road closure between Kumara Junction and Jacksons (State Highway 73). Alternatively, you can travel via Lake Brunner.

If you are traveling from the east you can leave your car at the finish at Klondyke Corner (please park in the designated area) and catch the bus to the start. Must be booked in advance.

Bring your gear bag supplied with you race pack, to put your warm-up clothes in before the start. This gear will be taken to Klondyke Corner for you to collect post run. Make sure your gear fits in your supplied bag. No extra bags, we have limited space. NOTE: It can be very cold before the race at Aickens so have plenty of warm gear with you. There will be limited shelter available. Bring some cash for pre-race coffee or snacks.

On arrival at Aickens Corner, turn left and take the vehicle track to the riverbed car park. Park in the car park, not on the roadside. Support Crew are not allowed to offer assistance or enter any part of the Run stage except at the start and finish.

Officials can make spot checks of competitor’s compulsory mountain safety equipment at any time. Do not discard any equipment, it could be spot checked at any time. There is a compulsory gear check at Goat Pass for EVERYONE. Penalties or disqualifications will be given to all competitors not carrying correct equipment - make sure your competitors are organised and have everything.

Support crew cannot leave the Aickens car park until after 9am. Don’t panic, there is plenty of time! Support crew must not stop at the Otira Footbridge and must not use the Otira Footbridge (by DoC request).


Lake Brunner School will have breakfast for sale at the Aickens transition – whitebait patties, bacon, eggs, Blackball sausages, omeletes, hash browns, coffee, tea and milo. These meals are not included in the entry fee, bring cash.

Mountain Run 30.5km

Aickens Corner to Klondyke Corner

8am Mountain Run Race start

2pm Doreen Creek cut-off (competitors will be turned back to Deception Footbridge) 4pm Goat Pass cut-off 7:30pmKlondyke Corner cut-off


• Take sufficient food for the run, and a little bit extra

• Drink – many competitors choose to drink directly out of the rivers. The water is generally very good and safe to drink but we cannot guarantee this, however, when you get close to the stopbank and power lines towards the end of the run you will cross the Bealey River – there is Giardia in the river so do not drink water directly from the Bealey River

• Wear sun protection

• No iPods or similar audio devices to be used by competitors on the course (phones are OK to use for photos – there is no cellphone coverage on the majority of the run stage

• No walking poles

There is some race-specific course marking during the event, but competitors are still responsible for their own navigation over the course and should familiarise themselves with the terrain. Competitors who have not been over the course should consider carrying a map and compass or GPS to use as a reference during the event. Get a topographical map of the mountain run stage Topo50 Map BV20-Otira or email [email protected] for a downloadable GPS file of the route.

The course marking is a mix of DoC marking and race-specific marking – it is a fast, efficient route but is not compulsory to follow, you may self-navigate if you think you know a better route – you are solely responsible for your course through the Mountain Run stage.

WARNING: The run course is very rough and there are many places where most people simply cannot run. If you haven’t been over the course, prepare yourself by doing a lot of training on the roughest ground you can find. See the race YouTube channel for some footage from the running section. Expect A LOT of running on rocks with no track.

The course

It is a wilderness run. There are only two ways out, on foot or in a helicopter (which can only fly during daytime and in good weather). There are potential charges for non-emergency helicopter extractions of $500 per person.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to have adequate skills to negotiate and avoid the hazards on the mountain running stage. The Otira, Deception, Mingha and Bealey Rivers are steep and bouldery and can change conditions rapidly. Competitors must acquire adequate river crossing skills before they compete in the Coast to Coast.

Head out of the Aickens Corner transition chute and through the timing point under the arch. Follow a farm track for about 2.5km until you reach the Deception Footbridge. Continue straight ahead for about 15m before turning left through the trees, down the bank and into the river. Cross to the far side and start up the Deception Valley. You don’t have to follow a set route but generally follow a mix of rough tracks and the main riverbed up the valley – there are multiple river crossings. After about 13.5km, there is a succession of bush tracks that mark the start of the upper Gorge, here the valley steepens significantly and the next 4km to Goat Pass take even the quickest athletes close to 40 minutes. This is one of the most stunning sections of the run and has many routes – following the wet footprints is usually a safe bet.

About 500m from Goat Pass you turn right up a smaller creek and scramble and wade your way up the final part of the climb. Goat Pass elevation is 1070m so you will have climbed around 800 vertical metres and run about 17.5km from Aickens transition to this point. There is a compulsory gear check at this point and you will have to show a set number of items that will be displayed on a sign at the bottom of the final climb. This is the same for everyone. Missing gear will result in major penalties or disqualification.

From Goat Pass it is around 13km to the transition at Klondyke Corner, the track is generally much better formed and includes some boardwalks over fragile ground. It is also mainly downhill with the exception of a few short, sharp climbs, the largest being Dudley Knob where you will often find photographers. The final 5-6km is flat but is some of the roughest riverbed to run over. When you reach the stopbank you get some respite for about a kilometre, then the final 1.5km is real ankle-rolling stuff, especially if you are tired. Concentrate and focus on getting safely to the cheering crowds waiting at the finish of the run.



Klondyke Corner - Support crew


On arrival at Klondyke Corner turn right off the State Highway to the parking area. Park your vehicle in the designated mown areas and where directed by the officials. Limited mobility and disabled parking spaces are available. All competitors and support crew, even if you are not camping, are required to park in the camping area. Keep emergency access ways (4m wide lane) clear. Please do not exceed 5kph within the parking area or on gravel roads.



There is Giardia in the Bealey River. Water is available from a water tanker at Klondyke Corner, but we recommend that you fill up water containers prior to arrival at Klondyke Corner. There isn’t enough water at Klondyke Corner to replenish campervan showers and toilets.


Competitors /support crew must supply their own tents and refreshments. Sheffield School will have lunch, dinner and breakfast for sale at Klondyke Corner. These meals are not included in the entry fee, have cash available. Klondyke Corner is inside a National Park so take all rubbish away with you.

Gear bags

Competitor’s gear bags from the start line will be available at Klondyke Corner for collection.

Finish area of Mountain Run

Support crew must not run down the riverbed with competitors or take equipment from them or assist them in any way. Spot checks of competitor’s compulsory equipment may be made after they finish the Run stage at Klondyke Corner.

Sponsor expo

There is a sponsor expo, information point and a big screen for people to watch the progress of their competitor through the Mountain Run. There will be live-feed cameras and timing points on the Mountain Run stage. There is also 3G coverage (Vodafone & Spark). At 7:30pm there will be a highlights video of Day 1 on the big screen.

Medical services

There will also be medical, physio and massage services available at Klondyke Corner on Friday afternoon.

Mountain Run Prizegiving

The prizegiving for the Mountain Run event will be near the finish line at Klondyke Corner at 4:30pm. We appreciate that some competitors may still be on course at this time but in general most if not all competitors have finished by this time and we want those returning to Christchurch to get back at a reasonable hour. Late finishers will still get a finishers medal and a great reception. You must be present at the prize giving to collect any spot prizes.


• Bring insect repellent – the sandflies are ferocious, and relentless

• Bring rubbish bags and take all rubbish away with you

• No open fires or solid fuel barbeques

• Dogs are not allowed in the National Park (not even in your car)

• Do not park in long grass, as hot exhausts can start fires

• Pedestrians must take GREAT CARE when crossing the State Highway and cross at the designated cross- ing point.No bookings are required for the campsite, campsites cannot be reserved)

• Portable toilets available

• Limited catering, bar and fresh coffee available

• Big screen with live race coverage

• 3G phone coverage (Vodafone & Spark)

• Information point


The crew from will be photographing the race. Your photos will be available online with 24 hours of the race and include a range of options. You can also pre-purchase your photos, add to your basket when signing up for the race.

Withdrawals & non-completion

Any competitor withdrawing from the Mountain Run must report to an official, hand in their timing transponder and fill in a withdrawal form. This is critical because a search and rescue operation will be triggered if you are unaccounted-for!

If you are evacuated from any part of the course by helicopter, you must report to an official immediately on disembarking. Do not try to find your support crew, team member or family until our officials have checked you off the course. This is very important.

If you seek independent medical attention for any incident in relation to the Coast to Coast please inform the race medical team or post-race through [email protected] It is very important for us to know what medical issues people are encountering so we can assess and monitor these, and put preventive measures in place, if required, for future events.

Lost Property

Any lost property gathered up or handed in will be located:

• Saturday – Information Tent, finish line, New Brighton.

• Sunday between 8-10am - at Addington Raceway.

• Sunday between 10.15am-1pm – at Southfuels 1 Edmonton Road, Hornby.

• Wednesday after race between 5-6pm – at Southfuels 1 Edmonton Road, Hornby.

If none of the above options are suitable for you, please contact [email protected] Lost property will be kept for one month and then either disposed of or given to charity.

Weather forecasts

Check the following websites for weather information.

If you want to phone the Department of Conservation Waimakariri Area office for weather and track information, please ring after 9:30am. The office is open 7 days per week, opening at 8am and closing at 5pm until Christmas and then closing at 6pm after Christmas.


Plan B - Bad weather alternatives

Mountain Run Alternative Course

If the Mountain Run is affected by bad weather and/or high river flows, then a running stage (31 km) will follow the farm track from Aickens to Deception Footbridge, then follow the State Highway from Deception Footbridge to Klondyke Corner, on a mix of tracks and road. There are major roadworks through this area, so the alternative course route may be subject to changes based on these works. Full details will be supplied closer to the event but the route will follow the main state highway 73 route in general, with tracks and detours used as needed.


Railway Lines & Crossing Safety

There are railway line crossings on the cycle and run stages. If alarm bells are sounding or the Official requests that you stop, you must stop. If a competitor does not stop they will be disqualified from the race immediately.


NEVER walk down tracks or close by tracks. Only cross a railway track at a place set aside for crossing. Tracks are for trains!


ALTHOUGH trains are noisy up close they are hard to hear from a distance. Trains can surprise car drivers and people walking near tracks. Make sure you look both ways as well as listen for trains.


EVEN if a driver can see you, they cannot stop a train quickly. Trains are heavy and can weigh up to 1,500 tonnes, the same as 1,000 cars. They can also travel at high speeds. Even a small train can take four rugby fields to stop! Trains take a long time to stop.


A TRAIN driver is on full alert when approaching a level crossing. Make the driver’s job easier by obeying the signal and level crossing rules. Look for signs, barrier arms and flashing red lights and listen for the warning bells. If you are in a car be sure to tell the driver to stay well back from the tracks, behind the marked lines.


If YOU see a train coming stand well away from the tracks. Be aware and stand well clear.


TRAINS are fun to ride but only as a ticketed passenger inside a carriage. Even when a train is traveling slowly you should never try and jump onto a moving train. Always wait until a train has stopped before getting on or off.


NEVER walk on a rail bridge or through a rail tunnel. You can’t outrun a train, and tunnels and bridges are only wide enough for trains. You will have nowhere safe to go.


SOME trains are powered by electricity, sent through power lines above the tracks. It is dangerous to go near these lines or let any object like a ball or kite go near them. These lines carry huge amounts of electricity and you will get an electric shock.


NEVER leave things on railway tracks or throw stones at trains. You could derail the train and look out if you’re close by! Those stones can fly like bullets and could really hurt you!


YOU NEED to keep yourself safe. No matter what your friends say you need to be very careful around trains, tracks and crossings. Stand up, be smart and stay safe!





PRINCIPLESLeave No Trace is a global movement whose mission



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